A Day in the Life of the Philosopher


                 Time Spent                                        Activity

8  Hours   3 Minutes     05 Seconds:         Sleep (food for the mind).

6  Hours   37 Minutes   52 Seconds:         Keeping body and soul together.   Necessary toil.  (This may include but not necessarily be limited to any and all of the following: lecturing, writing, pondering, pandering, and/or posturing).

1  Hour     53 Minutes   35 Seconds:         Thinkings on the material world.

1  Hour     23 Minutes   21 Seconds:         Reading.

1  Hour     17 Minutes   34 Seconds:         Arguing with God.

1  Hour     25 Minutes   17 Seconds:         Pondering the interface between being and nothingness.

33 Minutes   34 Seconds:         Debating Ignoratio elenchi’s.

27 Minutes   26 Seconds:         Establishing dogma.

26 Minutes   33 Seconds:         Agonizing over axioms.

23 Minutes   54 Seconds:         Examining the boundary between meaning and meaninglessness

22 Minutes   21 Seconds:         Disestablishing dogma.

21 Minutes   41 Seconds:         Solving contradictions with paradoxes.

17 minutes   00 Seconds:         Avoiding absurdities.

11 Minutes   04 Seconds:         Deducing generalisations.

08 Minutes   00 Seconds:         Categorizing phenomena.

04 Minutes   16 Seconds          Ignoring Ignoratio elenchi’s.

03 Minutes   27 Seconds          Observing the mechanizations of fate.




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