Debate Over the Existence of the Mind



The Setting:    The following takes place in the Land of the Dwarf on a site where a city was put to the torch, the fields sown with salt, the citizens sold as slaves and the land cursed.

The Time:        The Age of the Five Kingdoms.

The Players:   Quaestor  & Praetor.

Quaestor:        What is real?

Praetor:            That which is self-sustaining.

Quaestor:        What is true?

Praetor:            That which is indestructible and eternal.

Quaestor:        What is freedom?

Praetor:            Having one’s actions determine one’s fate.

Quaestor:        What is fate?

Praetor:            A scene etched in lightning.

Quaestor:        What are laws?

Praetor:            Those things written in blood.

Quaestor:        What is history?

Praetor:            Things best forgotten.

Quaestor:        What is memory?

Praetor:            The cobwebs of time.


(Scene Fades Away)

1.16 (29:5) #516


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