Neutrino Flux

Neutrino Flux


A place lying at  the confluence of  a truth and falsehood (with no tradition of a divine creator), is obliterated when caught in the midst of a massive neutrino flux  and  so  is transformed from a landmark of  the map to a memory  in  the  mind.

There were several schools of thought as to the cause of this abnormal variation in an  otherwise normal series of  events  the  most  predominant   of which stressed: (1) the  dichotomy between their FORMS  and content proved to be too great,  and  (2)  a  polarity  of  forces came together to   generate  these fluxations.  (This, of course, being based  upon the assumption that the world exists  only  as  a series of mathematical functions.)

However, Your Obedient Servant would much  prefer the words of  a  hare-lipped  hunchback  who happened to wander near the scene of  the devastation:

“Must  every  event  have effective cause?”


12.6 (1) (42:20) #697


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