The Interregnum

The Interregnum


One of the stranger customs of  the Technocracy was to be   found in the institution of the   Interregnum whereby a randomly   chosen commoner would    assume, for the span of one   diurnal cycle, the trappings  of   the   Office   of   the   Ahldon.

This   pseudo-king,  of    course,   would be executed  immediately  at solar setting since it would have profaned the Office for the commoner  to  take  his  former  place   in   the realm  of   things.

During  the  reign  of  the one  called  The   Dey,   Jahanqir,   the   court eunuch,    was   selected   by the thinking machines.       Events   transpired  in a most curious  manner  for  the  Dey,   himself,   died during  the allotted  span and the whole of the Technocracy   was   thrown    into    chaos.

Since  Jabanqir  held  the  reigns  of  power he decided to  excercise  them  to   the   fullest. His    reign    lasted    some    two     hundred forty-seven years.  Being   singularly   free of evil  and  strife  it  was  later  dubbed the PAX IAHANQIRUM.

Historians still disagree as to  the cause of the aforementioned effect.

To my way of thinking,  Harkoum  in his SHYP OF FOLYS puts it best:

“Jahanqir conceded to me his secret during the last days of his life, ‘My son, the technique is a simple one. It rests upon the observation that all things in the Universe spin, though they spin at vastly differing rates.’”


2.11 (40:4) #649


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