This Corner of The Garden

This Corner of The Garden


The Universe stretches some twenty billion years of light  in all directions.  In that great expanse are someone hundred billion galaxies.  In each of these galaxies are, say, one hundred billion points of light, which we call stars.

According to cosmographers, theologians, and a casual study of the night sky, there’s a lot more that’s not there, than is there, a lot more that isn’t,  than is.

Which brings us to this matter of The Garden, and our own particular corner thereof.

In all this vastness, we all inhabit but a small plot of the cosmic garden of space and time. The lives we cultivate, the seeds we plant and care for, define the nature of the lives we shall lead.

You can move around in it a bit, but since The Garden occupies both space and time one thing is not optional:  you can sometimes decide the what and even, perhaps, the where, but not necessarily the when.

(Time is a sacred fabric; embellish it, trim it, but sunder it not.)

From a certain (cosmic) perspective, there can be no greater honor than to tend and care for that corner of The Garden to which we are entrusted:  the time we inhabit, the earth beneath our feet, and the lives we share and touch.


6.26, 6.29.93

Paris, Lake Forest, Illinois


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