Worlds to Shatter, Shattered Worlds

Worlds to Shatter, Shattered Worlds

A Selection from Episode Seven

The One          In my dream I dreamt I was dreaming a dream.  In this dream (the dream in which I was dreaming that I was dreaming, that is) I was entrapped in a city …

The Other        The Citadel?

The One          A city, a nameless city, a city itself besieged by dreams.  (The city stood where the sun meets the sends.)  (He gestures in a yonder fashion.)  Fearing            that an outbreak of peace was  about  to engulf the    planet, these Evil-mongers disguised in every variety and form of ugliness.  When the meeting was about to convene a thousand Black Butterflies flew into the chambers in the usual warning that an attack had been launched by the bitterest enemies of the Evil-mongers — the Dreamers.

The Other        Of course; the Dreamers.  It is only fitting.

The One          Attacking in the classical and time-honoured manner, the Dreamers encircled the enemy city and dreamt  their dreams.

The Other        I now see where this is heading.

The One          The first attack was bitterly repulsed as the Evil-mongers thought their ugliest thoughts, and so was the second.  Many a beautiful dream was to die that day so fierce was the struggle.  A stalemate ensued with neither side gaining the upper hand until a child was found who had already forgotten more than most had learned in a lifetime.  He unleashed a mighty mirage that tipped the scales in the dreamers’ favour. And so were the Evil-mongers forced to  flee in rout.  At this point I awoke.  What  do you make of it?

The Other        Hyper … ineffable ….

The One          Meaning?

The Other        Nothing, of course.

The One          I see.

The Other        No, you don’t.

The One          Some see more with their eyes closed than others see with their eyes open.  (Unseen  by the One and the Other, DHGHOMYO has approached them from stage right.  The Other pays his little heed; the One is startled in a start of recognition.)

DHGHOMYO   Gentlemen.  (To the One.)  Why do you stare?

The  One         My dream!

DHGHOMYO  So you are the one!

The One          The one?

DHGHOMYO   The one who has stolen my dream.

The Other        Your dream?

DHGHOMYO   The War of the Butterfly.  I should introduce myself.  I am called DHGHOMYO, a dreamer by trade.


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