Worlds to Shatter, Shattered Worlds



A Selection from Episode Two


Child                A finite idea, an infinite will,

This is what you’ll find when time stands still.

A limited memory, a limitless mind:

The Singularity at the End of Time.

(She repeats this rhyme a second time.  Her voice fades as The Other begins to speak.)

A finite idea, an infinite will,

This is what you’ll find when time stands still.

A limited memory, a limitless  mind:

The Singularity at the End of Time.


The Other        Here, even the children speak with twisted tongues.

(The Child, seemingly unaware of The One and The Other, skips about repeating her refrain though we no longer hear it.)

The One          That  child’s  tongue  is no more convoluted than the lobes in your head.

The Other        Tongues have been extirpated for less.

The One          Extirpated?

The Other        The unwilling and forcible removal of that  muscular organ utilized in mastication, the sense of taste, and speech; the forcible removal thereof.

The One          Do you suppose she is aware of what her rhyme entails?

The Other        We need only ask. (Motioning to the child.)  Child.  (He beckons to her.)  That rhyme of yours.  What is its meaning?

The Child        That  being whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere, the Unmoved Mover, the Knower Who Knows All Things, the Prime Mover, the perpetrator of that series of causes and effects that ultimately leads to this conversation can best be conceived as pure act.  This is to say, God has no unactualized potential.

The One          No unactualized potential?

The Child        (Ignoring the query.)  That limited sense of continued existence that we refer to as time is really nothing more than the actualization of potential and, in this sense, God does not foresee the future as we know it but, rather, encompasses the future as it unfolds (or comes to pass).

The Other        Or comes to past.

The Child        (Again ignoring the interruption.)  Time  as a measurement of change, therefore does not apply to God.  Hence the children’s’ rhyme to which you previously  referred.  (So saying  she exits, still skipping, stage left.)

The One          Extirpation is beginning to seem a socially acceptable          alternative.

The Other        Rather.

(Freeze.  Scene fades.)


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