Zanichelli’s Tale

Zanichelli’s Tale


Zanichelli much to his own surprise, discovered the new element DREAMIUM under the workbench in his garage. The only problem was that no spot on the periodic table could be found for it.

Accordingly, an entirely new one (the now-famed Dreamtable) was constructed.

And it was then that it came  to  the public’s attention that the search for a whole new set of elements had barely begun.

Before long it seemed  as  if every man, woman & child on the planet had joined in the hunt (the  quick success of the ensuing search can be laid directly to this fact).

Also, the new elements would seem to surface in the most ordinary of places:  TRUTHIUM in a shoebox,  MIRTHIUM under a mushroom, PAXIUM in a baby’s crib, and MYTHIUM in the web of a spider.

Why these elements failed to surface until the time of Zanichelli’s discovery is a question that has never scientifically  been resolved.

The popular  mind, however has no such qualms.  Zanichelli, it reasons, simply caught luck by the hair.



4.1 (IV) (18:4) #284


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