The Avoidance of Dreaming


An Excerpt from Children of the Mind


The avoidance of dreaming was an unfortunate consequence of the idea that ultimate reality had no existence outside the observing mind.

The Chronicles record that in the Dark Age before parallel thinking there were those who considered themselves professional dreamers by trade.

Considered dangerous by the authorities, these dreamers were first compelled to register their minds as weapons. Later, considered a threat to the general population, the dreamers were herded into pits and abandoned salt mines where they were subjected to a vigorous regimen of anti-mirage medication.

When this proved to no avail, a medical procedure was devised that would surgically excise the dreams from the mind of the individual dreamer. This too failed when it was discovered that “the dreams were lodged in the imagination, where it was deemed too deep to operate”. This all occurred during the “Year Without Tears”.

So state The Chronicles.


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