The Story of Ulugh Beg


A Little Known Fact About Mr. Beg

(An Excerpt from Children of the Mind)


An interpreter of dreams in a dreamless world, the old man was among the first the Unperson had known to be nebulized. Ulugh Beg by name, he claimed a fish had revealed to him a secret, a secret that would set the clouds and sky afire. There was little question that he would be nebulized. It was only a matter of timing.

The Unperson still kept an object Ulugh had presented to him as a child, in the days before parallel thinking, before people had become afraid of their own minds. That object would now be considered ‘non-parallel’ or ‘oblique’.

Numbering an oblique artifact among one’s possessions was to be considered at best, indiscreet. Having an object once possessed by one of the nebulized was a particular indiscretion. The Unperson was anything if not discreet. Nevertheless, he kept the oblique object hidden away upstairs in a drawer. The object seemed to exert an undue influence over the Unperson; he could never quite rid it from the deeper recesses of his consciousness, such as it was.


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