The Ylianic Wars

The Ylianic Wars

Name Dates Leader Results Comments
Cycle One 2021-2073 Chopdji Eradication of the Eaters of Filth and Doers of Evil Many strange feet came through the gates of the world’
Via Negation 2101-2133 The First Being All weeping ceases Fear not.’
Cycle II 2172-2184 Iblis (a local Potentate) Discovery of a being whose existence is contradictary No one can escape fate.’
The Dialectic 2231-2247 The Divine Arranger Compilation of ‘Errores Philosophorum’ Everything imagined is possible.’
Cycle III 2253-2298 The Theodicy The discovery of the Fours Kinds of Intellect Once or twice history digresses; the task of logic is the weighing of truth!
1.27 (29:6) #517






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