Conditioned Reflex



They finally construct that perfect figure whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere. Upon completion they decide that it is not bringing in a large enough profit and so convert it into a factory specializing in the fabrication of darkness.

None of the townspeople raise their voice for, naturally, they make up the bulk of the payroll.


Written during the mid-1970s

Differential Equation


An encyclopedia of 429 volumes revered for some 10,000 years as the ultimate authority of the Empire is found, upon closer inspection, to have been written by an idiot. The Scholar-saint who first unearthed the problem (who claimed the ability to distinguish individual drops of water) naturally expected to receive praise from the highest quarters.  But instead his results were suppressed by the powers that be and for thanks he was exiled forevermore from his homeland.

The official reasoning: Nothing is wrong in fish thinking of themselves as birds.’


7.27 (XI) (20:13)



All to Nought


In a galaxy whose name was similar to the rustling of leaves in wind (this containing, within Itself, three truths: one uncertain, another unmentioned and the third ineluctable) there dwelt a people who endeavored upon a million worlds, over a period of a billion years, to bring Reason out of Laughing Chaos. When the false goddess Entropy was brought to her knees and the news of her execution set the stars trembling In their courses (when the people sneered at her name and, what is more, dared to forget that she ever existed) it was then that wily Uncertainty intervened, ordaining all this to come to naught; their Order, once again, being reduced to Chaos,

After the Illness the Remedy



A man who had spent much too much time examining fthe ultimate nature of realityt comes to the conclusion that if a statement is not, in principle, verifiable it was to be classified as meaningless. Shortly thereafter he encounters the Enclitic Copula which causes him to understand that no statement can truly be objective and so abandons his previous premise. Thereafter, he spends the remaining years of his now infamous life tracking down the cloven hooves of the Anti-God in order to prove his now famous proposition that the demon is^the cause of all earthly ills. The populace, finding this to their disliking, rises up and smites him down with pitchforks and bludgeons. His dying words: “I have pronounced heresy and I am a heretic.



5.11 (III) (25:28) #452