The Ylianic Wars

The Ylianic Wars

Name Dates Leader Results Comments
Cycle One 2021-2073 Chopdji Eradication of the Eaters of Filth and Doers of Evil Many strange feet came through the gates of the world’
Via Negation 2101-2133 The First Being All weeping ceases Fear not.’
Cycle II 2172-2184 Iblis (a local Potentate) Discovery of a being whose existence is contradictary No one can escape fate.’
The Dialectic 2231-2247 The Divine Arranger Compilation of ‘Errores Philosophorum’ Everything imagined is possible.’
Cycle III 2253-2298 The Theodicy The discovery of the Fours Kinds of Intellect Once or twice history digresses; the task of logic is the weighing of truth!
1.27 (29:6) #517







Subjective Reality


When Urukh proclaimed that, ‘Myths are but the outer realities of inner events,’ the descendants of Cush sentenced him to be crushed between two stones.

To save himself this inconvenience he first modified certain provisions of his statement effecting what he considered negligible changes.

When this failed to appease his accusers he introduced one new paradigm and then another and another still until, in effect, it was as if he had pronounced, “The words were never spoken.”

4.1 (II ) ( 18:2 )

Master Matrix




A man driven by demons and the will to freedom finds a little piece of God’s mind in a bottle. His first inclination is to set it upon an altar and build a cathedral around it but later decides to offer it to the Minister of Popular Culture for a handsome fee and, when this plan falls thru, he turns to peddling it in the marketplace (at drastically reduced  prices).

The Moral: Civilization is coming to an end.



10 :13 ( IV) (23:7 ) #375

March Against the Barbarians




In the Realm of the Four Quarters Ipuwer, the Emperor, ordered his troops, who were in the midst of a march against the barbarians to the four corners of the land in order to relocate North, South, East & West when it was found that their planet (itself a prolate spheroid) revolved in an inverse manner from what  was originally thought amidst  a  pair of eclipsing binaries.  The reason released to the populace:  existential ambition yielding to the imperatives of geography.


12.19 ( II) ( 15:2 ) #243

Noble Savage


A person is placed in a cage. (It is for his own  good an only for a limited time, though this is unknown to him.) Time passes. He suffers a loss of appetite.  He believes his loved ones to have abandoned him.  He  soon comes to believe the cage to be the world and his condition the natural state. When the time comes for his release, he refuses to budge & thinks those insane who wish to remove him .



11.30-12.10 (10:14) #184





Yron the Hunchback, who engages in the study of MENS TOPOLOGIA (the shape of the human mind), on a recent visit to the Spindle City revealed to me his latest subject of study —  Zeraph the Philosopher, author of the SYNOPTICUS, an encyclopedia of 8,535 volumes (compact edition 1,116), who later in life complained of the curse of total forgetfulness.



8.4 (II) (36:19) #613

Differential Equation


An encyclopedia of 429 volumes revered for some 10,000 years as the ultimate authority of the Empire is found, upon closer inspection, to have been written by an idiot. The Scholar-saint who first unearthed the problem (who claimed the ability to distinguish individual drops of water) naturally expected to receive praise from the highest quarters.  But instead his results were suppressed by the powers that be and for thanks he was exiled forevermore from his homeland.

The official reasoning: Nothing is wrong in fish thinking of themselves as birds.’


7.27 (XI) (20:13)



All to Nought


In a galaxy whose name was similar to the rustling of leaves in wind (this containing, within Itself, three truths: one uncertain, another unmentioned and the third ineluctable) there dwelt a people who endeavored upon a million worlds, over a period of a billion years, to bring Reason out of Laughing Chaos. When the false goddess Entropy was brought to her knees and the news of her execution set the stars trembling In their courses (when the people sneered at her name and, what is more, dared to forget that she ever existed) it was then that wily Uncertainty intervened, ordaining all this to come to naught; their Order, once again, being reduced to Chaos,