The Cosmic Call


(An Unpublished Work)


The play, itself, closed even before it opened. The problem was that no actor could be found to handle the assignment.  Though billed as a one-act play; it actually consisted of, in fact, a single word.

The script read:


The Player. Cosmic Call.*


Though scores auditioned for the part no one could be found who could get it just right.


* The ‘Call’ should encompass that sound that the primeval superatom yawned at the instant the universe began to expand; God is but a whispered ululation of’it; it is the birth pangs of every mother and every birth; the sound of death; hope; striving; failure; the noise of love; the sound of a Black hole sucking in a new born star; a dandelion crying;  **; a cat purring; shadows singing; stars imploding; rocks breathing; the blind seeing their first sight & the deaf hearing their first sounds; the sound of thinking; smoke striving; rainbows singing; computers whirring, and the like.

**Editor:  word is missing from original manuscript