Black Last No. 5

Being the Fourth Addendum to the List of Books Melanchthon Planned to, one day, Write, Edit, or Compile.


  1. Gravity Wells
  2. … Since God was a Child
  3. Quocunque Jeceris Stabit *
  4. THE SPICE ROUTES, or Paths of Least Resistance
  5. And you my son
  6. Existential Data
  7. The Power Curve
  8. Semantic Technicalities
  9. Quid Faciendum?***
  10. PHASE TRANSITIONS, or Here Comes Destiny!
  11. Second Principles


*Wherever You Throw It, It Will Stand

**And You, My Son!

***What is to be Done?




7.29 (IV) (21:4)




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