Dynamic Symmetry


The last words of the god-king upon the occasion

of his exile from the rest of the Theocracy:

“Do mirrors exist?”

9.3 (V) (22:5)



Master Matrix





A man driven by demons and the will to freedom finds a little piece of God’s mind in a bottle.

His first inclination is to set it upon an altar and build a cathedral around it but later decides to offer it to the Minister of Popular Culture for a handsome fee and, when this plan falls thru, he turns to peddling it in the marketplace (at drastically reduced  prices.)


The Moral:  Civilization Is Coming to an End.





10:13 (IV) (23:7) #375

The History of Science in Five Easy Lessons *






1.)    A   comet is a ball of hair  hurled  by the right hand of the Lord.

2.)   At the Northern extremity or the Earth there stands a great mountain and the Sun is hidden behind it.

3.)   That there are only seven planets is proven by the fact that the Tabernacle possesses but seven candles.

4.)   The Mighty Winds are issued from the Four Corners of the Earth, and

5.)   The Opening of Hell is situated in the Atlantic at some unknown distance from Europe.


* Compiled by a demotic stricken with SENILE DEMENTIA.





2.2 (V) (24:9) #415


A Little Known Fact Number Two


Anah, was the granddaughter of Cain and sister of Aholibamah.

A fellow named Japhet loved her but she set her heart on the Seraph Azaziel.

When the Deluge came he rescued her by carrying her off to a distant star.



6.13 (I) (26:1) #459


A Little Known Fact Number Three





A runnel-shaped peak towering over the mountains 0£  Sri Lanka

is endowed with a rocky footprint implanted in its summit.

According to local lore it was made by  Adam when, for a thousand years,

he was forced to stand upon one leg as his penance after his exile from Paradise.




8.22 (III) (27:4)#481



A Little Known Fact IV



According to the Vazir of Omir there sill exists, to this very day, a cylindrical jar

constructed of terracotta in which is sequestered a bit or the darkness

which once covered Egypt at the command of Moses.





9.14 (III) (27:8) #485





The anti-mirage drugs did not take hold and so the operation called for was to be the standard one. However, this, too, proved to be unsuccessful for, as it  was recorded in the log of  the Secret Police,

‘… the dreams were lodged in the imagination where it was deemed that it was too deep to operate.’



12.19 (XI) (nn:11)