Selected Bibliography

Selected Bibliography

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Some 400 works of Paul JJ Payack have appeared in scores of collections, anthologies and reviews the world over. This is a representative sampling.

“Acropolis Apocalypse,” collage, New Letters

“Agglutination of Speech,” metafiction, Outpost

“Anatomical Plates,” selections from the collage biography, New Letters

“Atomic Number 7 (a Short Life),” metafiction, Wetlands

“At the Burial of a Dead Idea,” metafiction, Cambridge Phone-a-Poem

“ATTN:,” metafiction, Stone Soup

“Babel,” metafiction, Centaur

“A Bed of Moss,” metafiction, Centaur

“Between Chaos and the Commonplace,” metafiction, Creative Computing

“The Black Hole,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“The Black Lists,” collection, Chthon Press

“The Borning of Empire,” Star-web Papers

“Ablata At Alba,” metafiction, Circle

“Chronophobia,” metafiction and sky art, Boston First Night

“Chthon,” metafiction, Ripples

“A City Besieged by Dreams,” metafiction, Huck Finn Review

“Collapsing Into Sand,” metafiction, Wetlands

“Commonplace Remark,” metafiction, Bark

“Computer Misprint,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“Conditioned Reflex,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“Conversation with The WordMan (An Interview With the Inventor of Words),”

“Crack in the Cosmic Egg,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“The Cracks of Silence,” metafiction, Omni

“Dancing in Starbeams,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“Daring the Fearful Things,” metafiction, Huck Finn Review

“A Day in the Life of the Philosopher,” metafiction, Chunga Review

“Day of Judgment,” collage, New Letters

“A Deathless Gift (to the Death-bound),” metafiction, Some Poetry

“The Death of the Creature of Light,” metafiction, Zahir

“Debate Over the Existence of the Mind,” polyplay, Outpost

“The Dénouement (or the Dark Cloud),” metafiction Third Eye

“Destroy All Dreamers (The Gadget),” metafiction, Huck Finn Review

“The Dim Lamp,” metafiction, Phantasm

“Dispatch from the Front Lines,” collage essay, iUniverse

“Frontispiece,” collage

“Architectural Elements,” collage

“Betwixt Sticks,” collage

“Doric Column,” collage

“Inflexion Point,” collage

“Lightning Strike,” collage

“Purple Sage,” collage

“Sky-fallen,” collage

“Sounding Horns,” collage

“Stalactites,” collage

“Star-flower,” collage

“Vapour Trails,” collage

“Nightwings,” collage

“The Final Toll,” collage

“Dissonance, History, and Counterpoint,” metafiction, Velvet Wings

“The Divine Comedy: A Post-Modern Commentary,” selections from the collage essay, New Letters

“Doe or Zho,” metafiction, New Letters

“Dream (Stone-clouds, No. 2),” metafiction, Phantasm

“The Dream-child,” metafiction, Quoin

“Dream/Line 2,” metafiction, Sunflower Gazette

“The Dustbin of History,” essay, New Infinity Review

“Dynamic Symmetry,” metafiction, Phantasm

“Elektron,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“The Eleventh Commandment,” metafiction, Walloon

“E=MC²,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“The End of Empire: The Paris Plates,” selections in New Letters

“The End of the Dark Ages,” metafiction, Third Eye

“The Eradication of Radicals,” metafiction, Modus Operandi

“Esteemed Formalities,” metafiction, Fish

“Excerpt,” metafiction, Phantasm

“Eyewitness Account,” metafiction, Some Poetry

“The Face of God,” metafiction, Ripples

“The Face of His Father,” metafiction, New Letters

“Factotum,” metafiction, Truly Fine Press

“The Final Farewell: The Official End to the Twentieth Century,” essay,

“Follow the Wind,” metafiction, New York Culture Review

“Found on a Misplaced Microdot,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“Gare du Fear,” collage, New Letters

“The Great Chain of Being,” metafiction, Zahir

“High Sky, Low Tide,” collage, New Letters

“The History of Science in Five Easy Lessons,” metafiction, Velvet Wings

“The Hostage,” metafiction, Veins

“I am God,” metafiction, Mirror Northwest

“The Idea Mine, or a Brief Note on Metafiction”, nonfiction, iUniverse

“Indirect, Dubious, & Unintelligible,” metafiction, Ruhtra

“The Ineffable Pathway,” metafiction, Yellow Brick Road

“Information Overload,” metafiction, The Diversifier

“Intelligence Quotient,” metafiction, Zone

“Just Another Form of Nothingness,” metafiction, Lazy Fair

“Kopernik,” metafiction, Lynx

“The Lament (The Last Words of the Last Speaker of the Proto-Indo-European Language),” metafiction,

“The Land God Forgot,” metafiction, Cambridge Phone-a-Poem

“The Last to Quarrel,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“Legend of the Shaman,” Windows in the Stone anthology, metafiction portfolio, Free Press

“Life of the Saint,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“A Little Known Fact II,” metafiction, Image

“A Little Known Fact III,” metafiction, Image

“A Little Known Fact IV,” metafiction, New Letters

“Memory, Forgetfullness & Being,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“Microtales,” collection, Quark Press

“The Midget’s Tale,” metafiction, Arete

“Monoliths of Stone,” metafiction, Some Poetry

“Mortality Tales,” collection, Chthon Press

“The Motto of the Empire,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“Mourning Glory,” collage, New Letters

“The Murmur of Lazy Bees,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“Music of the Spheres,” prose poem, The Paris Review

“Mutually Intelligible Response,” polyplay, InCider

“Mythomania,” collection, New York Culture Review Press

“A Mythopoeic Thought,” metafiction, New Earth Review

“The Naming of America,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“Ne Plus Ultra,” metafiction, (Russian and English language editions), Gnosis Anthology

“New Wisdom,” metafiction, New Letters

“Noble Savage,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“The Number of Words in the English Language (The WordMan’s Perspective),” essay,

“Obde,” metafiction, Fish

“On Bagging the Four Winds,” metafiction, Modus Operandi

“On the Glory of his Nostrils (or the Idiot Savant),” metafiction, Fish

“On the Nature of Being,” metafiction, Insight

“On the Nature of History,” metafiction, New Letters

“Passing Comment,” metafiction, Phantasm

“The Perspective Series,” selections from the collage  narrative, Boulevard

“Picturing Infinity,” collage, Asimov’s Science Fiction

“A Plague of Darkness,” essay, iUniverse

“Acropolis Apocalypse,” collage

“Forward March the Legions,” collage

“Windchild,” collage

“Afternoon Tea,” collage

“Babylon, at Last!” collage

“Alas, Babylon!” collage

“Gare du Fear,” collage

“Manifest Destiny,” collage

“The Reading Circle,” collage

“Sail Trimmer No. 1,” collage

“Sail Trimmer No. 2,” collage

“Sky Skimmer,” collage

“Spilt Milk,” collage

‘… by a thread,’ collage

“Stately Slumber (Sleeping),” collage

“Therein Lies the Way,” collage

“Sanctuary,” collage

“Trestle Thistle,” collage

“All is Forgiven,” collage

“Recessional,” collage

“Buffalo Stand, Bison Standing,” collage

“Sky Skimming,” collage

“Inundulations,” collage

“Pushover (under),” collage

“Dainty Dollie,” collage

“Vantage Point,” collage

“Luminaria,” collage

“Lingering Lad,” collage

“Deflation,” collage

“Station Slumber,” collage

“Abiding Angel,” collage

“Plain Speakin’,” metafiction, Minotaur

“Polyethylene Wind,” metafiction, Phantasm

“Puffballs (or the Mycologist),” metafiction, Quoin

“Quantum Silence,” metafiction, Buffalo Gnats

“REMEMBER:,” metafiction and sky art, Out-of-Town News (Harvard Square)

“A Ripple in Entropy,” collection, Chthon Press

“Said the Man Who Built the Bomb (on the Day After the World Was Destroyed),” metafiction, Chunga Review

“Santa and the Ho-Ho-Ho Zone by the Brothers Payack,” Christmas tale and collages, Quark Press

“Shortest Tomes,” collection, Chthon Press

“A Sleepless Night,” metafiction, Aspect

“Spilt Milk,” collage, New Letters

“Star-fallen,” metafiction, Riverbottom

“Star-splitter,” metafiction, New Letters

“The Star-Tales Cycle,” collections, Samisdat Press

“Solstice I”

“Solstice II”

“Solstice III”

“The Steppingstone to the Stars, or How the Zero was Discovered,” metafiction,

“Stonecloud,” metafiction, St. George Review

“The Story of Ulc,” metafiction, Bark

“Subsidiarity,” metafiction, Nitty-Gritty

“The Tangles of Time (a Short History of Chess),” essay,

“Telling Remark,” metafiction, Gargoyle

“Theory, Plenitude & Form,” metafiction, Benzene

“The Tome,” metafiction, Star-web Papers

“Tribal Memory,” metafiction, Bark

“Triumph of the Will,” metafiction, Fish

“Twist of Fate Number 3,” metafiction, Inky Trails

“The Unexpected Twist Series,” collection, Quark Press

“Unexpected Twist Number 3 (Weak Imagery),” metafiction, Nitty-Gritty

“Unexpected Twist (Mutual Exclusion),” metafiction, St. George Review

“The Universal History of Mankind,” metafiction, Lynx

“The Universe Makers,” metafiction, Copper Toadstool

“The Wall of Wonder,” collage, Asimov’s Science Fiction

“The Ways of Grace Forsaken,” metafiction, Velvet Wings

“What Manner of Thing?,” metafiction, Modus Operandi

“What Might Have Been,” metafiction, Fish

“What the Seers of the Past Are Able to Tell Us About the Present,” metafiction, Samisdat

“Where the Stars Go to Die,” metafiction, Truly Fine Press

“The Whisperer’s Whisper,” metafiction, New Earth Review

“White Night,” metafiction, Cambridge Phone-a-Poem

“Windblown,” metafiction, Bark

“The Wind Turbine Studies”, collage essay, iUniverse

“The Wind Turbine Studies,” title collage

“Return of the Gods,” collage

”Wind Turbine Study No. 1 (Wind Child),” collage

“Wind Turbine Study No. 2,” collage

“Fleur du Wind,” collage

“Inverted Torso,” collage

“Candlewick,” collage

“Windflower,” collage

“Reveries,” collage

“Stolen Kiss,” collage

“Buffalo Skin,” collage

“Ahoy!,” collage

“Mother Anterior,” collage

“Windflowering,” collage

“Ephemera,” collage

“Rolling Thunder,” collage

“Artillery Advancing,” collage

“Boleros,” collage

“Tymphonic Tambours,” collage

”Measure Twice,” collage

“Windstrings,” collage

“Wistful Memory,” metafiction, Bark

“The Worm,” metafiction, Yellow Brick Road

“Yankee Clipper at River Styx Station,” collage, New Letters

“Yankee Ingenuity,” metafiction, Yellow Brick Road

“The Ylianic Wars,” reference table, Gargoyle