Reblo’s Orthodoxy


Reblo’s Orthodoxy

It has been postulated that there exist certain worlds where it is actually dark at night.  Indeed!  The impossibility of such an absurdity is readily demonstrated.

It is well known that:  1) there are an infinite number of stars, 2) they are distributed equally throughout the Cosmos, 3) these all bear the same intrinsic brightness, and 4) the Universe is changeless.

What follows from these rather elementary assumptions is, of course, the fact that stars, which are twice as distant as any given star, produce one quarter of the light energy (photons) of that star,  yet since there is an equal distribution of these heavenly bodies there are four times as many of them in any given quadrant.

Therefore, the amount of light is always, everywhere & at all times.  the same.

Quod erat demonstratum.


Excerpted from Quantum Mechanics and Other Oddities Pressop: Annus MCLVIII, p.1434.


10.26-11.1 (11) (28:8) #498


Editor’s Note:  Quantum Mechanics and Other Oddities:  If you find this edition sequestered away in a dusty trunk in your grandmother’s attic, please contact the author immediately.


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